Butcher Block Countertops

Natural Surfaces Butcher Block

Butcher Block – Natural Surfaces is a 100% Acacia wood product. It’s easy to install and brings a natural touch to any space. All tops are 1.5 inches thick and arrive unfinished allowing to create a fully custom look. Care and maintenance directions are included along with a 90-day warranty against manufacturer’s defects. To prevent warping and cracking, the butcher block needs to be sealed within 24 hours of opening the shrink wrap. 

Available Sizes


  • 25″ x 50″
  • 25″ x 74″
  • 25″ x 98″
  • 25″ x 122″
  • 39″ x 74″ (Island)
  • 4″ x 98″ x 0.078″ (Backsplash)

Image features a finished butcher block top over an unfinished butcher block top.