Home Centers

Thank you for being our dedicated Home Center customer! We have put together a few resources on this page to help you in your day-to-day work with our product. If you have any questions or items you’d like to see on this page, please contact your Home Center Sales Manager or your Customer Service Representative.
Need Help?
Call your respective Hartson-Kennedy plant location and ask for your customer service representative.
Marion: 800-388-8144
Gulfport: 800-846-1548

Meet Your Team

Customer Service Teams
Customer Service – Marion, IN
[Left to right] Jeff Moser, Brian Bento, Liz Jivery, Mike Shenefield, Malory Strausbaugh, Marissa Jones, Maria Johnson
Customer Service – Gulfport, MS
[Left to right] Susie Brooks, Paulette English, Annette Driscoll, Joey Webber, Brittney Bennett, Janean Murphy, Dale Wallen
Customer Service – Macon, GA
[Left to right] Dee Casas, Brittney Jackson-Dixon, Lei Lane, Ashley Burney, Lynn Byrd

Regional Sales Managers

Luke Teague | Home Center Sales Manager
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota

Cell: (765) 661–9609
Email: luktea@hartson-kennedy.com
Jim Britland | Regional Sales Manager
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Cell: (704) 577–1829
Email: jimbri@hartson-kennedy.com
John Morgan | Regional Sales Manager
Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

Cell: (317) 501–7760
Email: johmor@hartson-kennedy.com