Hartson-Kennedy Custom Countertops Upgrade Workplace Kitchens

Jun 19, 2024

At Formica Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio, upgrades were needed in the employee kitchen areas throughout campus. “The goal was to create a showcase kitchen for employees and visitors alike that displayed the portfolio of surfacing solutions that we offer,” said Meghan Howell, Creative Director, Formica Group North America. “We wanted to create a space that was both functional and beautiful, that showed how our products can work together.” To achieve the desired aesthetic, they collaborated with Hartson-Kennedy (“HK”).

For the main kitchen area in the office, the custom bar top made from FENIX® J0793 Grigio Aragona was fabricated at Hartson-Kennedy’s shop, while a KARRAN quartz sink was selected to complement the design. Meanwhile, in another kitchen space on the Formica Corporation campus, different colors were installed to create a unique and inviting setting. An HK fabricated tabletop made of FENIX® J0748 Beige Arizona was installed and used to complement new . The HK tabletop functions as a printer station with a sit-to-stand option included.

In both spaces, the HK custom tops were complemented by other Formica® brand surfaces, such as Everform® Solid Surface and Formica® brand laminate. These renovations not only improved the aesthetics of the kitchen spaces but also enhanced functionality. The materials selected ensure durability and ease of maintenance, critical factors in high-use areas like employee kitchens. The modern, cohesive design fosters a welcoming environment, encouraging employees to take breaks and interact in a comfortable setting.

“The decision to utilize FENIX® and partner with HK’s expertise in countertop fabrication proved instrumental in realizing the new design vision for these two kitchens,” said Howell. “FENIX® surfaces provided an exquisite modern aesthetic, while HK’s craftsmen ensured impeccable fabrication. The synergy between premium materials and skilled execution allowed us to deliver a statement kitchen perfect for our daily use while still being a showpiece for customers and visitors alike.”