Top Takeaways from The NKBA 2024 Kitchen Trends Report

Jan 10, 2024 | General, Tradeshow

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, a fresh new year lies ahead.  There is no more perfect time than now to turn a discerning eye to your kitchen to start planning that remodel – but where to begin?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) conducts research to identify styles, features and materials that are predicted to be popular for the next three years.  Insights were provided by 630 designers, specifiers, dealers, manufactures and architects.  Over half of the respondents were designers, and 74% were NKBA members.


Kitchen islands have long been used to maximize space and functionality, but now designers will be asking those countertops and islands to be a focal point as well.  Fifty-seven percent of respondents expect to be using kitchen islands to create eat-in-kitchens instead of utilizing formal dining rooms, and over half said they would add a kitchen island or increase the size of one already in place.

  • A contrasting cabinet color and countertop from the rest of the kitchen is one way to create a dramatic moment. A unique countertop stone pattern with sweeping movement, veining and color are all ways to make an island stand out.
  • Full height backsplashes in the same material as the countertop are seen by 78% as a way to add a seamless statement while increasing cleanability.
  • Three-quarters of the respondents predicted that traditional countertop edges such as bullnose, eased, beveled and square will be popular.

7404 Neapolitan Stone used on a center island creates a striking focal point with its fluid veining, while harmonizing with 7406 Marmara Beige in the surrounding countertops.


With the rise in biophilic design, new colors, materials and textures are coming to the forefront, bringing an organic feel and connection to the outdoors.  Over seventy percent surveyed stated that homeowners want a kitchen connected to the outdoors and predicted that many will add large windows and glass doors to the kitchen, while others will incorporate organic design themes.

  • Natural stone patterns will connect kitchens to nature. According to the research, over 50 percent of stone will feature a honed or matte texture.
  • Light woodgrain cabinetry with texture will overtake painted wood.
  • Nearly seventy percent said that nature and harmony are a “key color goal”. Designers will use warm whites, light wood tones and earth tones to create that natural connection.  Green was cited as the top “emerging color” for the next three years.


9306 White Bardiglio marble stone pattern helps develop a natural and organic theme along with large windows.  The -34 Scovato texture gives a slightly textured and warm hand to the surface while the Caspian postform neatly finishes the edge.


While transitional kitchens rank at the top of the style hierarchy, contemporary, modern, mid-century and Scandinavian kitchens are closing in on the number-one spot and were called out as popular design styles.  Designs that focus on care-free countertops, slab cabinet doors, minimal hardware and a clutter-free look are a breeze to keep clean.

  • According to the research, the number one goal for kitchen countertops is to simplify upkeep and cleaning. Over 90 percent of respondents agree that non-porous and antimicrobial easy-to clean-countertops are the top need for the kitchen.
  • 40% of the respondents stated that European style thin countertops are a way to emphasize a modern and minimalist style in the kitchen.
  • Modern European flat panel doors overtook Shaker style cabinets as the top-rated door style. Push to open technology was also mentioned as a way to reduce hardware for a clean (and more cleanable) look. Floor to ceiling cabinets add additional storage, allowing countertops to remain clean and clutter free.

A ½” contemporary Fenix® top in Bianco Male and a base of Fenix® Grigio Bromo gives a sleek and modern updated look to this mid-century modern inspired kitchen.  Warm wood slab cabinets and sage green tile backsplash add warmth and a connection to the outdoors.