Laminate for Healthcare

Oct 23, 2023 | Cleaning, General

There are high standards for cleanliness in healthcare. What has always been a priority became even more important during COVID, and today, over 80% of healthcare organizations say maintaining a sanitary facility to limit the spread of germs and sickness is their #1 priority. Ensuring a sanitized and safe environment in healthcare facilities also gives patients and their families greater comfort and confidence in the care they are receiving. At Hartson-Kennedy, we understand the challenges of the healthcare environment, and we ensure our products meet these challenges.

In a healthcare environment, where can you install our laminate countertops? Food courts, bathrooms, waiting rooms, reception desks, and checkup rooms are all places where laminate surfaces shine! As HK’s laminate partner Wilsonart explains, “Laminate is resistant to stains, and can handle many commercial cleaners and disinfectants. It is an excellent low-maintenance solution compared to other surfaces that require sealing or refinishing.” That makes Hartson-Kennedy laminate countertops the perfect solution for hospital cafeterias, Doctor’s office check-in areas and assisted living bathrooms.

Hospitals and caregiving facilities always have high traffic areas. HK’s laminate countertops are designed to stand up to heavy wear and tear, and laminate surfaces can handle tough cleaners and disinfectants, including most EPA List N cleaners. Case in point, HK laminate partner Formica Brand lists over 300 brands of EPA List N cleaners that can be used to clean and sanitize its laminate surfaces.

In addition to providing durable laminate tops that are easy to clean and sanitize, Hartson-Kennedy offers several edge profiles with additional benefits for healthcare environments. The E-Top 2000 edge profile has no sharp edges or “sticking points” that could harbor bacteria as does the highly popular Ultra-Top Waterfall profile.

Healthcare environments have unique needs. Hartson-Kennedy can help meet those needs with our beautiful, durable laminate countertops for a  variety of healthcare spaces. Contact your sales rep or visit our website for more information and inspiration.

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