KBIS was back and it was busy!

Apr 18, 2023 | Tradeshow

Record setting attendance with more than 40,000 visitors, one of the largest in the show’s 60-year history.

    • 51% First Time Attendees
    • 500 Exhibitors
    • 140 New Exhibitors
    • 148 International Exhibitors

There was a lot of eye candy at this year’s KBIS show, from appliances to plumbing to general decor.  Whether manufacturers used their heritage, travel or fashion, KBIS 2023 delivered color!

We found laminate patterns best matching KBIS 2023 overall trends, so you don’t have to. Order samples and get your project started this spring.

Materials and Patterns

Warm vein marble – Warm veins on white backgrounds continue from last year and will continue to do so as the palette warms from bright white to warm white.

Taj Mahal – Taj Mahal is growing in popularity and had a solid presence at the show.  Even though the stone is named after the Taj Mahal, it comes from Brazil. It was named for the color of the great monument. ​One of the reasons this stone is so popular is that is replicates the look of marble but has a strong quartzite surface.

Travertine – Is experiencing a renaissance and is going head-to-head with surface darling marble and terrazzo. ​The earthy toned palette of travertine is complimentary with any finish or color, it fits into the luxury beige trend, and it’s easy to use. ​Travertine evokes calm and serenity – it whispers instead of shouts; it is appealing in most settings.

Breccia – Is formed when large angular broken fragments are fused with a smaller matrix. ​ It’s Nature’s terrazzo and was well represented at this year’s KBIS. ​This more natural looking aggregate is easier to emulate with printed surfaces.

Green Stone – continues, but in a more naturalized and subtle way. Some rust veining is appearing in green stones as well as cream and black.

Icy stones – Stones that are crystallized and fractured appear to be frozen or frost-like. ​Stones with more meaningful veins are reminiscent of cracked ice.

Gold vein – Gold veined surfaces said to develop a patina over time appeal to a modern design.

Wood – As we move to a warmer palette, woods will warm as well. Wood is once again being used on cabinetry and we see less white and gray painted cabinet doors. ​Woods once again move in the direction of orange and red, some have definite yellow undertones – this is a fresh take on warm wood. The European kitchen manufacturers are combining more modern white and gray cabinetry with wood to soften what could be a “cooler” aesthetic.

Terrazzo – Continues to be seen at KBIS in all patterns and colors.

Concrete – is being reinvented with special mixes to minimize weight, or by using locally sourced materials. New colors are being added into the mix and new surface manufacturers are perfecting the look of concrete in a more usable and maintenance free way.

Stone textures in real stone continue to explore the boundaries of how stone can look and feel, while alternative surfaces continue to introduce textures to mimic the real look a feel of stone.

Ribbed textures and surfaces that were seen last year at Milan now jump to stone.

Wood ribbing continues and we see more indication of growth. ​Ikonni, new to KBIS sells tambour and ribbed wood for this specific use.

Overall Trends

    • Rich Earth tones in desert, sunset, and autumnal tones
    • Green Especially sage earthy greens are one color of nature that continues and grows into new categories.
    • Statement stone like travertine, soapstone, and colorful marble are appearing once again in the marketplace. Stones and stone patterns are getting more unique, colorful and dramatic.