Hartson-Kennedy Laminate Cleaning

Mar 8th, 2023 • Emilia Buckholz
Steps for Everyday Cleaning Do Use: Don’t Use: *If the above cleansers contact your laminate surface, wipe up immediately, wash surface with Liquid dish soap like Dawn®, rinse, and dry. Removing Tough Stains *Although baking soda is a low abrasive, excessive scrubbing or exerting too much force could damage the decorative surface, especially if it … more »

KBIS was back and it was busy!​

Mar 6th, 2023 • Emilia Buckholz
Record setting attendance with more than 40,000 visitors, one of the largest in the show’s 60-year history.​ There was a lot of eye candy at this year’s KBIS show, from appliances to plumbing to general decor.  Whether manufacturers used their heritage, travel or fashion, KBIS 2023 delivered color! We found laminate patterns best matching KBIS 2023 … more »
In 2022, Hartson-Kennedy began a dedicated effort to reduce our environmental footprint by finding creative ways to recycle and repurpose manufacturing waste. One year later, we’re proud to report the program has achieved measurable results at our plant in Marion, Indiana, and we’re working hard to expand the initiative to our other locations. Finding New … more »
Our team selected their favorite laminate colors and patterns. And our followers voted. Calacatta Marble, a Formica laminate pattern, received the most likes out of 8 patterns! Order a sample today and get started on your countertop project. Order a sample today!

How to Buy H-K Laminate Countertops

Jan 26th, 2023 • Emilia Buckholz
Laminate is a beautiful, durable choice for budget-friendly kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our products are created with the end user in mind and are well-suited to meet the needs of commercial builders, designers and DIY homeowners. Whether your project involves multi-family housing or smaller-scale commercial and residential installations, Hartson-Kennedy has you covered.