Aging in Place

Sep 21, 2023 | General

Home is where the heart is. It’s the place where memories are made with friends and loved ones, and it’s where we find comfort and respite from the stress of daily living. Because of the important role “home” plays for all of us, more than 75% of people over age 50 say they’d prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible as they get older. (AARP Preferences Study, 2021). However, according to the National Poll on Aging, a majority of adults haven’t thought about how to prepare their homes so they can age in place. The good news is that the last decade of research and creative thinking in home design and home furnishing have made it possible to enjoy safe and comfortable senior years at home with a handful of updates.

At Hartson-Kennedy, we offer a range of options that support design for aging in place including:

Protective Countertop Edges

Scrapes and bruises become more common as we age, and experts say simple changes like installing countertops with curved edges can help decrease the severity and frequency of injuries. Hartson-Kennedy’s Ultra-Top Waterfall and E-Top 2000 edges complement any space and give your countertops a smooth and curved look with no sharp points.

Eye Catching Laminate Patterns

While countertop colors and patterns reflect one’s personal style, they also reflect light! Something as simple as choosing the “right” color can help improve spatial navigation. Darker top colors also help absorb light and enhance depth perception. Selecting an on-trend color like Bahia Granite, Basalt Slate or Black Alicante will make your kitchen or bathroom countertops stand out and minimize glare. Consider adding a soft light, motion-activated night light to further support navigating your space day or night.

4595 Bahia Granite - Wilsonart

Bahia Granite – Wilsonart

3690 Basalt Slate - Formica

Basalt Slate – Formica

4926 Black Alicante - Wilsonart

Bahia Granite – Wilsonart

Shallow Sinks

While sinks don’t seem like an important part of a home renovation, when it comes to updating your home to enjoy it for the duration, they are important! Choose a sink that is shallow and comfortable to use and has smooth curved edges for added safety. Hartson-Kennedy has a variety of sinks that fit the bill! Our collection of sinks are reinforced with fiberglass, so they’re durable, long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to aging in place, small changes can make a big difference. Paired with the right support systems, minor updates to various rooms make it possible to enjoy all the comforts of home for the duration. To learn more about Hartson-Kennedy’s products, check out our website or contact our customer service team for advice using the link below.

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