Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Bozarth Courtney

Courtney Bozarth

Chief Operating Officer

Hazelwood Brad

Brad Hazelwood

National Project Manager

Schwartz Nicole

Nicole Schwartz

Chief Financial Officer

Shearer Kevin

Kevin Shearer

General Manager of Sales and Marketing

Meet your customer service team. Our employees truly make our customers’ experience one of the best in the industry.

Marion Team

Home Center Team

Marion(765) 668-8144

Binkerd Lexi

Lexi Binkerd

Strausbaugh Malory

Malory Strausbaugh

Turner Liz

Liz Turner

Auxiliary Team

Cox Kim

Kim Cox

Fry Fay

Fay Fry

Mossburg Alison

Alison Mossburg

Shenefield Mike

Mike Shenefield

Custom Team

Peters Eric

Eric Peters

Pond Michelle

Michelle Pond

Southworth Steve

Steve Southworth

Blanks Team

Bento Don

Don Bento

Project Team

Fisher Chris

Chris Fisher

Hazelwood Steve

Steve Hazelwood

Leake Lisa

Lisa Leake

Rangel Kelly

Kelly Rangel

Project Sales Team

Knight Edmund

Edmund Knight

Markle Matt

Matt Markle

Gulfport Team

Gulfport :  (228) 846-1548

Brooks Susie

Susie Brooks

English Paulette

Paulette English

Prassenos Kristi

Kristi Prassenos

Webber Joey

Joey Webber

Macon Team

Macon: (478) 474-0266

Burney Ashley

Ashley Burney

Casas Dee

Dee Casas

Corbin Erica

Erica Corbin

Jordan Victoria

Victoria Jordan

Lane Lei

Lei Lane

Love Trish

Trish Love

Need Customer Service Help?

Give us a call at (765) 668-8144 or call our locations and ask for your customer service representative.