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Formica 180fx

Formica 180fx is a collection that replicates the look and true scale of a natural granite slab. It is not a series of repeats that only approximate the striking color variations and veining of real granite. Formica 180fx along with Hartson-Kennedy countertops gives you the luxury look of stone at a fraction of the price.

To view the Formica 180fx colors, please visit our Stock Colors page.

To view Formica's 180fx Brochure, click here.

Formica 180fx Designs:

3420FX-46 Dolce Vita (New)

3421FX-46 Bianca Luna (New)

3423FX-46 Travertine Gold (New)

3422FX-46 Crema Mascarello (New)

3424FX-46 Nacarado (New)

3457FX-46 Breccia Paradiso

3458FX-77 Travertine Silver

3459FX-77 Soapstone Sequoia

3460FX-46 Calacatta Marble

3461FX-77 Black Fossilstone

3462FX-46 Slate Sequoia

3465FX-RD Golden Mascarello

3466FX-RD Antique Mascarello

3467FX-RD Blue Storm

3470FX-RD Red Montana

3474FX-90 Petrified Wood

3479FX-58 Black Walnut Timber

3478FX-48 Dolce Macchiato
3462FX-46 Slate Sequoia
3476FX-46 Jet Sequoia

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Featured: Formica's 180fx Crema Mascarello in Hartson-- Kennedy's Vida profile with Profile End Cap