TCW Training Testimonial Audio

And here's a few more:

Midwest Commercial Millwork

I just want to give you guys a big thank you for knocking out several good size orders of countertops pretty quickly. Is it the new system? You? Or are we just blessed? Whatever it is, just keep it up!

Chad Newland


Lowe's of Macon, #0546

Lowe's has used our local Hartson-Kennedy fabricator for custom cut countertops for years.  Never once has Kerry, Lynn, or Derae ever dropped the ball on us.  They are organized professionals who know what it takes to ensure rapid delivery of our laminate tops, and they show genuine compassion when a special need arises.  Hartson-Kennedy continues to remain my number one choice for custom cut laminate countertops.  If you ever have an opportunity to work with their Macon, GA location, I assure you, it will be a pleasant experience.  Thank you again for your valuable service.

Larry Urban


Inter State Laminates, Inc.

 In this hectic world we live in, I find people don’t take time to appreciate others. I just wanted to let everyone at Hartson-Kennedy who are always there with friendly voices when they answer the phone, to all the people that are there with the knowledge when we have questions and to all those that help us when our inventory is messed up and we’re in a jam and need a rush. I really do appreciate everyone’s effort and assistance. Working with the Hartson-Kennedy staff has made my job satisfying our customers a lot easier. I thank you all very much.

Debby Crandall


Austin Countertops

I would like to take the opportunity to praise the staff and organization from the Hartson-Kennedy plant in Gulfport, Mississippi. I have dealt with the HK folks for about eight years and I can count on one hand the number of times I MAY have had an issue. My Outside Sales Representative and Account Executives provide paramount customer service and attend to any concern or issue my company may encounter. Deliveries are timely with rare backorders if any at all. Even in the time during the Katrina disaster in 2005, HK never stopped providing superior service.

 – Rodney Rodriguez